Rooms Les Eucalyptus
Rooms Les Eucalyptus



3-star hotel in South Corsica

Rooms Les Eucalyptus
Rooms Les Eucalyptus


Warm benevolence in a 3-star hotel room in southern Corsica

These rooms offer delicious, functional comfort, in this beautiful 3-star hotel in Porto Pollo, South Corsica. Measuring around 12 square metres, the rooms offer perfect bedding, with double beds and two twin beds available. They make for an ideal, cosy nest, and form the perfect base camp to discover South Corsica. Standard rooms are suitable for single or couple occupancy, although a child bed may be added on request. These rooms open up pleasantly to the outside, and offer remarkable views of either the gardens, or Porto Pollo and its surrounds. A separate bathroom ensures a sense of privacy. As with all the other rooms at this 3-star hotel in Southern Corsica, these rooms are designed with flexibility in mind, and can be adapted to guests' specific layout and space utilisation needs.

Confort ROOM

Delicate comfort in a 3-star hotel room in South Corsica.

These rooms at the 3-star hotel Les Eucalyptus in South Corsica are perfect for couples, with comfortable, spacious bedding (large double bed or twin beds); a child bed may also be added. They all offer the privilege of a panoramic balcony overlooking the sea and the Gulf of Valinco. This cocoon, elevated by its position overlooking Porto Pollo, allows guests to admire the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea and the remarkable, pink-streaked sunsets, at any time. With an interior surface of 15m2 and cosy comfort, our comfort rooms offer LCD TVs and mini-bars, as well as controllable light and air conditioning settings, a safe, and a telephone, while a separate bathroom ensures guests' privacy. Guests enjoy a living space of impeccable comfort, complemented by the assured serenity of a 3-star hotel in South Corsica. The sea view that distinguishes this venue close to Propriano is an invitation to bathe in the sunlight of Porto Pollo, in the heart of the Gulf of Valinco.

Triple or quadrupleFAMILY ROOM

Unparalleled panorama from a 3-star hotel room in southern Corsica

In this beautiful 3-star hotel near Propriano, in the heart of Porto Pollo, South Corsica, these rooms, which can be converted into triple or even quadruple rooms, are ideal for families. They can accommodate up to 4 people, with large, cosy, flexibly-designed bedding (large double beds and up to 4 twin beds). With a surface area of 20 to 30 m², they offer all the comforts of the other rooms of the 3-star hotel Les Eucalyptus: flexibly-designed interior, a separate bathroom, LCD TV, mini bar, safe and telephone. Above all, these rooms offer the immense advantage of a panoramic terrace with unparalleled views of the Southern Corsica gulf. From morning until evening, feast your eyes on the sea, admire the sunsets over Porto Pollo and the Gulf of Valinco, probably one of the most beautiful ones in South Corsica, from above. Admire this natural spectacle with your family, and witness the charms that make the island of beauty.

Superior ROOM

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Peaceful nights

Rooms in 3-star hotel nestled in Porto Pollo, Southern Corsica

The beautiful 3-star hotel Les Eucalyptus in Porto Pollo in South Corsica, offers high quality rooms, starting from 69 euros per night, each featuring modern comfort, a separate bathroom and a particularly magical opening to the exterior, overlooking the Valinco region. All rooms are flexible, allowing guests to adapt their environment and their ecological footprint as they wish, with air temperature, water temperature and lighting settings. Offering a warm atmosphere, the rooms are all equipped with an LCD TV and a mini-bar. The rooms offer guaranteed enjoyment and delightful comfort from the entry level, in this 3-star hotel in Southern Corsica, in the heart of the Valinco region, a land of contrasts and surprises. So, let your emotions wander et experience the amazement of this authentic establishment.

Conditions of Reservation & Stay

Any reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the stay, which can be paid by cheque, bank transfer or credit card. Rooms are available from 3 PM. In case of early arrival, luggage storage will be made available free of charge. Reception open from 7 AM to 7 PM. Please notify the hotel in case of late arrival, i.e. after 7 PM. Rooms must be vacated before 11 AM on the day of departure. The advertised rate includes the room, access to common areas, parking and luggage storage. The rate excludes any services provided on site (telephone, bar, etc.). You may cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the arrival date, in which case only the deposit will be forfeited. Any late cancellation or no-show will result in you being billed the total amount of the stay. The confirmation of your reservation implies acceptance of these conditions.

For all queries

For the well-being of our guests, the hotel has issued internal regulations, which are posted in each room. We thank you for taking note of all these regulations, and would be very grateful if you would comply with them.