Les Eucalyptus Hotel

History of the Mozziconacci family and the small village of Porto- Pollo

In the 1950s, Porto-Pollo, a small fishing port, had only 17 houses. A wild and peaceful place where the various families, especially that of Francois and Annonciade Mozziconacci and their children, lived thanks to agriculture (corn, tobacco, vineyards) and cattle (sheep and goats). For all, the living conditions were rather difficult and rudimentary. However, an apparent tranquility attracted the first tourists who simply camped for free on the beachfront. When one day, one of them asked for a room at Michel Geronimi (called Tinenti hotel le Golfe). He had not one and requested Jean Bernardin Mozziconacci (called Bibinu) who accepted. The idea germinated in their minds, and thus took shape the history of the hotel business in Porto-Pollo. The concept was simple: two families who rent their rooms to travelers ... and who will improve them every year. Between 54 and 58, tourism develops, the houses become pensions of family. For the Mozziconacci it will be 'the two eucalyptus, a place of life where François the father plays the role of storyteller, the family structures its offer and proposes the first restaurant (open to all). Each member of the household will play a part: in the kitchen 'Nana' the mother and at the service 'lili and fifine' his daughters, while Jean Bernardin assures the well being of the customers without abandoning his trade of farmer. As of 1965, the demand intensifies, the pension is no longer enough. Jean Bernardin takes the plunge and builds the Hôtel les Eucalyptus with 12 rooms and a restaurant that will open its doors on July 12, 1966. The seasons are short and last only two months (July / August). And yet, in 1977 the hotel expanded to 12 additional rooms. The team is structured under the direction of Christiane and Jean Bernardin Mozziconacci. The eucalyptus, a perpetual movement: In 1982 construction of tennis ; in 1985/86 staff rooms ; in 1987 standard rooms ; in 1995 construction of bar and terrace breakfast ; in 2001 restaurant closed ; in 2004 construction of 5 additional rooms ; in 2010 complete renovation of the hotel Under the new direction of Stéphane Mozziconacci ; in 2013 extension of the bar terrace. For three generations, the Mozziconacci family welcomes you and warmly focuses its offer around your well-being...

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